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Cedar Fence. Cedarwood is a type of softwood native to the American northwest and Canada. …【Get Price】

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Penetrating Oil Deck and Fence Stains - These are our premium stains. These are true oils that penetrate deep into the wood and leave no film on the surface to peel flake or wear away. Penetrating oils produce a deep rich color and show the natural grain and texture of the wood. They offer excellent UV water and mildew protection.【Get Price】

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2. Wash the fence using stuff-bristle brushes and a mixture of 1 cup bleach 1 cup TSP and 1 gallon water. Wear rubber gloves. Use a garden hose or a pressure washer on low pressure to wet and ...【Get Price】

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2020/01/04 If deck paint is holding no need to strip old paint; Remove all peeling paint down to bare wood; Scuff sanding is good even for old deck paint; Rinse off using low pressure garden hose; Let dry couple days; Apply two coats wet on dry method application; Cut-in with brush roll out larger areas; Use official Deck Fence paint stains【Get Price】

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2019/03/12 A good fence may make a good neighbor but not if it fades warps and becomes an eyesore. That’s why attractive low-maintenance fences—made of vinyl aluminum steel and composites—have become so popular. Aside from an occasional washing these fences require no upkeep—that means no scraping painting or staining. 【Get Price】

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2018/05/08 Stain does not peel or crack so it requires way less preparation than repainting. A good power wash or washing with a deck cleaner will give you a clean slate to work with before re-staining without all the scraping and peeling. There are a lot of options when it comes to staining your fence.【Get Price】

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2021/08/11 Check for Smoothness. Run a bare hand over the patched area to feel for smoothness. The patched area should blend in with the surrounding paint. If you are unable to smooth the area entirely—such as when the board is badly damaged—a good option is to replace the board entirely.【Get Price】

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2019/11/14 If gutters aren’t the problem check for a roof leak. Go up in the attic with a flashlight and examine the underside of the roof for water stains. Fix the roof quickly so that rot won’t damage the boards to the extent that they won’t hold paint. Poor attic ventilation can also cause soffits to peel. 【Get Price】


How to install wood fencing panels. Protect your garden from being overlooked and from the wind by installing wooden fencing panels. The fence post sits on top of galvanized fence post spikes set into concrete. LEARN MORE. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest trends and promos【Get Price】

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2018/01/18 BEHR BEHR Premium wood wood prep peeling peeling wood wood stain wood finish No. 64 Wood Stain Finish Stripper.To learn more visit http://www.behr...【Get Price】