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12/17/2018 Make sure the material you choose is at least 12 inches wider than the area you want to cover. Bend the bottom 6 inches of wire mesh outward in …【Get Price】

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8/22/2015 Custom animal-proof deck skirting lattice under decks and sheds. AAC shed and deck barriers are guaranteed to keep nuisance wildlife out. 【Get Price】

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Yes we can animal-proof buildings from digging animals. Simply put we place a durable wire mesh down all along the foundation. An animal may try to dig under the deck or shed but it soon meets the resistance of the wire gives up and moves on. This method is the gold standard of the prevention of den diggers like groundhogs and skunks. 【Get Price】

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9/14/2011 Skunk-Proofing. For use around concrete slabs patios steps or sun decks. Dig a trench around patio or deck 1' wide x 1' deep. For concrete slabs purchase 1 x 2 welded wire fencing (available at hardware stores) to go around the concrete slab. Try to get welded wire that is 2 feet wide. 【Get Price】

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Skunks will dig their own dens but will also use spaces under sheds decks porches trailers and crawl spaces if available. Skunk-proof these areas using heavy gauge galvanized hardware cloth. Cover openings with wire mesh sheet metal or concrete. To prevent digging bury hardware cloth or weave fences 2 inches below the ground【Get Price】

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Skunk-proof fencing doesn’t have to be tall or complicated. It needs a few specifics to be effective but can be made out of cheap materials. But if you are trying to keep out more predators than just skunks you may want to build a fence that will accomplish both purposes. Skunk fences … 【Get Price】

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10/10/2015 The wire mesh comes in a roll and is two feet wide. The appropriate length is cut and the wire is bent to a 90 degree angle. Then the area below and in front of the deck is excavated. Once the digging is done the bent wire goes in the excavation. It is attached securely to the bottom of the deck. 【Get Price】

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3/11/2014 My new skunk proofing was not keeping skunks out–it was keeping them in. I found tracks in the flour on the inside of the fence where they were trying to get out. I also saw the skunk late at night. Understanding Urban Skunk Habitat In the wild skunks dig dens or live in hollowed out logs. In urban areas they like to take up residence in crawl spaces and under decks. (Design tip: avoid creating skunk … 【Get Price】

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2/28/2015 4. Tomahawk Spray Proof Skunk Trap. Cost: $89.99. Where to buy: available on Amazon. Effectiveness: This innovative enclosed skunk trap allows customers to release a skunk without getting sprayed. The trap is cost-effective and has simple design.145【Get Price】

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1:248/7/2014 Are groundhogs woodchucks or other burrowing animals a problem.In this video Ryan describes an effective method for keeping animals from getting under a s... Frontline Animal Removal【Get Price】