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Our floor paints and sealers are come in varies resin types such as waterbased acrylic waterbased alkyd and solvent-based polyurethane all of which have benefits and are ideal for different use cases Polyurethane being th emost durable acrylic being the quickest drying and alkyd being somewhere inbetween the two.【Get Price】

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Polyurethane is one of the formulas that you can use to finish your wooden floors. For most people it is always a tall order landing the best polyurethane for floors. As a result a good number ends up spending their valuable resources on the wrong products. 【Get Price】

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Nothing transforms a surface like a new coat of paint. Polyurethane Floor Paints are single Pack so no product mixing or Adding hardener. quick and simple to use giving a cleansafe durable surface. We’re here to take the fuss out of it – no task is too big or too small! Just get in touch today to find out more about our products .【Get Price】

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If you're looking to colour and protect any wooden concrete or stone internal flooring then polyurethane floor paint in standard colours is perfect for you. Caution: Polyurethane floor paint is not suitable for use on asphalt or power-floated flooring. We recommend using the Polyurethane Floor …【Get Price】

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6/10/2016 A polyurethane coating (or urethane floor coating) is a highly flexible highly abrasion-resistant floor coating that is known for its shine and longevity. Developed in 1937 by I.G. Farbin these materials were used to create gum rubbers rigid foam and elastomers. They were also used on WWII aircraft on a limited scale. 【Get Price】

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For interior and exterior new or previously painted cement floors. Residential floors such as stoeps and patios garages kitchens living rooms and bedrooms. Commercial and retail floors such as offices cafés restaurants boutiques galleries and light duty industrial floors. 【Get Price】

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The polyurethane also allows the paint to be formulated to higher gloss levels offering a beautiful and consistent finish. The higher gloss level also allows improved “self-cleaning” – that is dirt and dust washes off during rain and residual dirt can be easily removed by detergent and water.【Get Price】

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PROMIX Polyurethane resin floor coatings called also as resin floor paint has excellent abrasion resistance high chemical resistance and is resistant to thermal shock. Classified as non-tainting and food safe it suitable for commercial kitchens butchers bakeries food and beverage processing / manufacturing and packaging facilities.【Get Price】

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Polyurethane Floor Paint - GREYS The Paintmaster team can deliver a wide range of polyurethane floor paint in a variety of grey colours. These grey paints are essential for the protection of all kinds of internal floors. This polyurethane floor paint can be easily applied to concrete wood and stone floors in a full range of properties.【Get Price】

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Polyurethane Floor Paint Duram Showfloor Polyurethane Floor Paint is a single component water-based polyurethane floor paint. It uses a unique polyurethane technology that offers the high performance of twin pack epoxy systems but in an easy no-mix formula. This tough long lasting floor paint …【Get Price】