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2003/07/01 A: John Spier a builder on Block Island Rhode Island and a frequent contributor to Fine Homebuilding replies: If your deck is at or near ground level the fix is relatively easy. You may need to remove some decking for access. Then just pour new piers or … 【Get Price】

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If a house is not built with a deck intended to be there structurally it is very difficult to simply install a ledger. Building freestanding gives the ability of avoiding permits and sometimes large amounts of structural reinforcement. If you are worried about settling attaching to the house is WORSE.The big drawback is that your footings aren't done right or don't hold up well and you have a deck that slants a little compared to the house. You...最佳答案 0Doing this has the advantage of not having to attach a ledger board to the house which must be flashed carefully to keep water from getting in. T...5In order to PROPERLY secure a ledger invilves removing EVERYTHING back to the sheathing. Find PROPER floor joists and hoping the floor runs the ri...1What should I do about deck footings near the house ...Gap between house and wood deck -- to fill or not to fill ... 【Get Price】

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2021/09/02 It is necessary to keep your foot right on the ground. If you have a deck attached to your house you can easily walk on it. It also becomes a place of relaxation in the evening or afternoon. You can arrange a tea party with your family on your deck. It also gives your home good stability and safety. If your house has a tiny platform such as 10 cm you can avoid attaching a deck to the house. However …【Get Price】

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2020/10/24 There are several reasons not to connect a deck to the house even when it is beside the house. A house with a brick veneer which you cannot attach a ledger to. Or even a house with stucco yes you can bolt the ledger to the house but the building envelope’s damage makes it better not to attach the deck to the house. 【Get Price】

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Free standing decks are not attached to the house. This saves a lot of finicky labor associated to attaching properly to the rim joist of the house and pleasing the local building inspector. The connection to the house becomes crucial to longevity and safety. A free standing deck completely avoids this problem.【Get Price】

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Why Is A Nailed-Only Deck Ledger Potentially Dangerous?Development of Code Provisions and TestingDo I Have A Nailed-Only Deck Ledger?Other Potential Deck Ledger Connection ProblemsExample – Considerations For Lag ScrewsSummaryTo summarize confirming that the deck ledger is correctly attached to the house floor band joist with bolts or lag screws is a critical first step. However a poor ledger connection is only one of several possible safety deficiencies for an existing deck. For example the structural integrity of guardrails and stairways are also critically important for ensuring the safe use of an existing deck. A complete and meaningful safety evaluation of a deck can be very challenging. For that reason all decks but especiall…【Get Price】