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2:0904/01/2011 Ames® Contouring Roof Fabric™: Super Elasto-Barrier®: Ames Research Laboratories Inc.【Get Price】

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21/04/2020 what kind of plywood do you use for an outdoor deck? Oriented strand board (OSB) is an engineered plywood substitute that many builders use for sheathing and roof decking. It's constructed with waterproof glue and performs best when only semi-exposed to the elements as it is when covered with siding or roofing. Similarly you may ask can you put new deck boards over old deck boards?【Get Price】

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Deck Coatings. Pli-Dek System – Over Plywood. Pli-Dek System – Over Plywood. Con-Dek System – Over Concrete. Con-Dek System – Over Concrete. Dek C-Ment System. Dek C-Ment System. HD Systems. HD Systems.【Get Price】

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Pli-Dek System. The PLI-DEK™ waterproof deck system for plywood substrates has been ICC-ES evaluated since 1980. The system utilizes a 2.5 galvanized metal lath and a polyacrylic emulsion base coat with a wide variety of finish options. All of the systems carry a One-Hour and Class A Fire Rating. When installed the system is approximately 3/16 ...Con-Dek Color Selection Testing Approvals Technical Bulletins Contact Us Dek C-Ment【Get Price】

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14/03/2015 Waterproof Plywood Decking Plywood decking is functional but not fashionable. Prestige Decking can change that dilemma for you. Our Crete waterproof deck coatings system allows you to keep you plywood deck and add some flair. Our five layer waterproofing membrane is guaranteed to seal your deck. Best of all it goes right over the top of your pre-existing decking.【Get Price】

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Easy Waterproofing For Your Balcony Rooftop Deck. GacoDeck Kit is a water-borne single component waterproof deck system that can be applied over plywood concrete metal fiberglass and previously coated decks. The coating is designed to create a fully adhered durable waterproof membrane that expands and contracts along with the substrate.【Get Price】

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The MULTICOAT MULTI-DECK ABOVE GRADE WATERPROOF SYSTEM FOR WOOD SUBSTRATES is a multi-layer protective coating designed for above grade decks. The system applies MULTI-BASE a resin modified cementitious base coat embedded with 2.5 galvanized metal lathe. The system adds an elastomeric waterproofing membrane (MULASTICOAT®) with a synthetic resin …【Get Price】

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This decking is not recommended for hot melt or cold applied liquid systems. Plywood. Plywood used for roof decks is generally 18mm thick but it is possible to specify a minimum 15 mm if the supporting structure is more closely spaced. The plywood is normally square-edged. Longitudinal joints should occur on the centre line of supporting joists.【Get Price】

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10/09/2020 I used 40 grit sanding discs. Clean off the dust then apply the primer to the entire surface with a large paint brush. Once the primer dries apply the geo-textile on all edges and seams on the plywood deck roof or balcony. Use the Liquid Rubber Deck Coating under the textile to stick it … 【Get Price】