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13-01-2010 From my understanding Yellow Tongue (Structafloor) and Green Tongue are made by two different companies however they are the same product and both have the same level of water resistance. I originally thought that Green Tongue was more water resistance but going by the product specs it seems to be almost identical to Yellow Tongue.particle board/yellow tongue flooring issues29-11-2017Yellow Tongue Particle Board Okay For Shower Bathroom?16-12-2016Particle board flooring - renovateforum.com02-06-2013mixing yellow and green tongue flooring - Renovate Forum04-08-2005 【Get Price】

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04-08-2005 19mm particle board flooring comes in the follwoing tongue colours; yellow green white organge black they are all made by differnt companies and are made to the same Australain Standard Yellow tung is brand of carter holt. Go for it Green Tung is made by Laminex in WA and comes in both 800mm 900mm wide sheets.Gluing and finishing QLD Red Gum kitchen benchtops15-08-2015Gifkins 1/4 inch collet14-05-2013Can I sand a yellow tongue floor04-10-2006hardwood flooring over yellowtounge20-10-2003 【Get Price】

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yellow wax edge seal to all edges. There are two product thicknesses each identified by the colour of their PVC tongue: • Green tongue (19mm) – For use with floor joists spaced at 450mm • Beige tongue (22mm) – For use with floor joists spaced at 600mm Trade Essentials Particleboard Flooring is available in different sheet sizes. There ... 【Get Price】


Yellow Tongue 19 450 Red Tongue 22 600 Blue Tongue 25 600 APPLICATIONS AND BENEFITS The Structaflor range is ideal for sub-floors suspended floors in multi-storey construction alterations and additions and commercial applications. Use for timber sub-floor and mid-floor systems provides advantages including: 【Get Price】

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Differences Between Yellow Tongue And Green Tongue Flooring So the main difference between green and yellow tongued is how each type of flooring reacts in wet situations. While they both have tongues that help keep boards together tightly when installed green tongue uses water-resistant glue while yellow …What is an alternative to yellow tongue flooring?Any 19mm tongue and groove structural particleboard that meets Australian and New Zealand standards AS/NZS 1860.1 can be substituted. This includes...Is yellow tongue flooring waterproof?Yellow tongue flooring is not waterproof. It is designed to withstand moisture for a few months during the building process but then requires a dry...Red tongue flooring vs yellow tongue flooring - which is best?Yellow tongue flooring is 19mm thick and requires a maximum joist spacing width of 450mm. Red tongue flooring is 22mm thick and can be used at jois...What are the yellow tongue flooring sizes?Yellow tongue flooring is available as 3600 x 800mm and 3600 x 600mm. It was previously available in 3600 x 900mm but is no longer made in that siz...Yellow tongue flooring: which side up?Yellow tongue is on one side and greasy on the other. Glue is used to attach the surface to the floor. The greasy wax side faces upward to...Can yellow tongue floors get wet?Although yellow tongue has a waxy surface on one side to help protect it from moisture it is made from particleboard. In wet areas particleboard...【Get Price】

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19-09-2015 From what I can tell the green is a Laminex product whereas the yellow is from Carter Colt Harvey. So far I'm leaning towards the green for $$ a Google search has found a builder who prefers it over yellow: mixing yellow and green tongue flooring The Bunnings price for green tongue is the best I have found so far even including eBay.【Get Price】