24feet of heavy duty floor trench

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Class D (heavy-commercial) available. Strong ductile iron. High heel shoe safe. Wheel-chair safe (AS1428.1:2009) Anti-slip. Bike-safe. Clip bolt-down (included). Hot-dip galvanised finish available. Black epoxy finish available. Available with pre-formed trench. Fully compliant to AS3996:2019. Learn More. Weaved. For superior strength weaved trench grates are forged from thick flat bar steel ...【Get Price】

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Stainless Steel Floor and Trench Drain Booklet D Design and dimensions are subject to modification. Prices do not include applicable taxes . Visit www.mifab.com for the most recent product information. All sales subject to MIFAB’s Terms and Warranties. Please refer to inside back cover. MIFAB® Inc. 1321 West 119th Street Chicago Illinois 60643-5109 USA Toll Free: 1-800-465-2736 Fax ...【Get Price】

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z874-u-xx-hd heavy-duty utility trench ... z893 stainless steel floor receptor with bar grate 18 z897 stainless steel catch basin 19 slot drain / hi-cap z888-4 slotted drainage system 20 z888-6 slotted drainage system 20 z888-12-18 high capacity trench drain system slotted drainage system 21 z889-12-18 high capacity cleanout port 21 aluminum trench za880-156 extruded aluminum trench drain ...【Get Price】

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Dura Trench prefabricated trench drain systems are our most popular product line. The pre-sloped commercial trench drain line is offered in 2″ 4″ 6″ 8″ 10″ 12″ 18″ 24″ 36″ and 48″ widths. This precast trench drain system comes standard with 0.5% slope built in …【Get Price】

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Channel Systems. Mascot Engineering is a leading manufacturer of grated trench drain systems for industrial commercial and residential applications. Select the product below to find out more. DriveDrain. GMS Trench Grates and Frames. GMS Heelproof Trench Grates and Frames. Cast Iron Trench Grates and Frames. Stainless Steel Grating. 4ALL by Mufle.【Get Price】

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These trench grates are good for industrial drain grates roadway drain grates cable trench covers driveway drain grates and as a general purpose trench drain grate. These are heavy duty trench grates for a moderate cost. Steel trench grates should always be coated with either epoxy or galvanized to stop corrosion and rusting.【Get Price】

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Trench Drains are known by many names including: strip drain; linear drain; line drain; and channel drain. A trench drain is the most common known drainage system and it consists of a channel shape body. The two main functions of a trench drain are to remove surface water and to contain liquids. The structure includes a solid grate that is flush with the surface and are often manufactured ...【Get Price】

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6904M2 14 x 24 Ductile Iron Trench Grate for Bolting Extra Heavy Duty Airport Black Asphaltic Coated. 6904M2 DI TRN GR SLT4 DIP EXA 14X24. Product 00690540. 6905M2 17 x 24 Trench Grate Heavy Duty. 6905M2 TRN GR UND 17X24. Product 00690608. 6906 18 Wide Bolted Trench Drain Assembly Extra Heavy Duty Airport . 6900Z1 6906M4 DI TRN BLT4 EXA. Product 00690647. 6906M2 20 x 24 Trench …【Get Price】

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Trench Drain Systems. We consider the contractor with every product feature and support service Zurn provides. From upfront design consultation to simplified installation and performance after your job is done we’re here to meet all of your trench drain project requirements. We know each site has unique needs that aren’t the same. Let us ...【Get Price】

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Heavy Duty GRP Trench Cover. Week. £29.00. Product Code: 60142. Read Reviews. The GRP Trench Cover is a unique system for covering trenches to allow passage by traffic or pedestrians at road works. Using lightweight GRP material with a steel lattice frame they are often viewed as a safer alternative to traditional steel plates.【Get Price】

Commercial 6 Wide - NDS Duraslope - HDPE Trench Drain ...

6 Wide NDS Duraslope HDPE Trench Drain Kit 4 Foot Complete. 1 Channels = 4 feet. Price: $259.00. Product ID NDL150-08. Manufacturer NDS. 6 Wide NDS Duraslope HDPE Trench Drain Kit 8 Foot Complete. 2 Channels = 8 feet. Price: $469.00. Product ID NDL150-12.【Get Price】

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With an unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio lightweight Fibrelite trench covers are available in a range of load ratings (from 1.5 to 90 tons) tonnes) to suit every application and every budget. Easy-to-remove safe and available in an almost limitless range of RAL colors colours sizes and configurations each cover is designed to deliver years of trouble-free service even in the harshest ...【Get Price】

12″x1.5″x24″ Super Heavy Duty Trench Grate – Rockcrete USA ...

Our typical panel configuration has bearing bars with perpendicular cross bars and a 3/16″ thick piece of flat bar around the edge of the panel to create additional strength during loads. 62 in stock (can be backordered) 12″x1.5″x24″ Super Heavy Duty Trench Grate quantity. Add to cart.Dimensions: 23.875 × 11.875 × 1.5 in【Get Price】

4 Inch Wide Heavy Duty Frame and Grates Complete Trench ...

Pro-Plus System Features Heavy Duty Frame annd Grate. Channel Body and edge made entirely in innovative SMC/GRB. Innovative STARFIX Grate Securing System Simplifies installation and Maintenance.; Optimized channel shape ensures improved discharge rates even for low water levels and enhanced self-cleaning effect.【Get Price】

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Call us at 646-227-0910. Heavy Duty Trench Drains are usually made of a fiber reinforced concrete or concrete channels. These durable channels are generally coupled with heavy duty ductile iron grates. These systems are ideal for loading docks parking lots roadways airports areas with forklifts or tractor trailers and anywhere where there is expected high impact loads.【Get Price】

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Heavy Duty | Replacement Grating. US Foundry 6118 Heavy Duty Cast Iron 12″ x 24″ x 1.5″ Grate. $ 140.50. Add to cart. US Foundry 6100 Heavy Duty Slotted C35B Gray Iron 8″ x 24″ x 1.5″ Grate. $ 84.00. Add to cart. US Foundry 6269 Heavy Duty ADA Compliant Slotted C35B Gray Iron …【Get Price】

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Heavy Duty Floor Stands ; Standard Floor Stands ; Write On Floor Stands ... Seton’s range of trench covers and ramps provide safe access for pedestrians and traffic ideal where accessibility is required to manoeuvre uneven surfaces and trenches. 9 Item(s) Filter By Sort By . Grid List. Show. Sort By. Oxford Lowpro Trench Cover Flexi . Part No. A47789W. From $311.58 To $543.84 . Value Trench ...【Get Price】

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Product ID NDL150HD-24. Manufacturer NDS. 6 Wide NDS Duraslope Heavy Duty Frame HDPE Trench Drain Kit 24 foot Complete. 6 Channels = 24 feet. Price: $1919.00. Product ID NDL150HD-28. Manufacturer NDS. 6 Wide NDS Duraslope Heavy Duty Frame HDPE Trench …【Get Price】