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240-grit sandpaper. Broom or dust brush. Acrylic latex exterior primer. Paint roller and extension pole. Roller tray. Porch paint. Tip. Start this project when no rain is forecast for two days and outdoor temperatures fall between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use ordinary dish soap in place of the TSP but TSP will cleanse your decking ...【Get Price】

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Clean dirt and dust from the composite siding using a pressure washer. Allow the surface to dry …【Get Price】

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Begin applying primer by using a paint brush on the corners and edges of the concrete floor or surface. Use a paint roller to apply primer throughout the floor. Two coats of primer are recommended for best results. Allow the primer to dry for at least two hours after each coat. Repeat the same method above to paint the concrete floor.【Get Price】

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Jul 05 2019 One of the best DIYs we ever did was painting our composite door. I have kept this blog updated as the years have gone on so read through to the end for updates on durability. When we bought this house I thought nothing of the bright red composite front door.【Get Price】

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Jan 08 2020 Sand with heavy sandpaper (100 grit) to remove any excess putty or paint. After the composite is fairly smooth switch to 800 grit sandpaper and sand until the composite is very smooth. You can use an orbital sander … 【Get Price】

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Peeling and cracking when a coating fails to properly adhere to the surface is a common problem. These articles from Sherwin-Williams can help!【Get Price】

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Aug 11 2021 Instead of using paint strippers a chemical-free alternative for removing paint from concrete floors is by grinding it off using a walk-behind or handheld concrete grinder. These machines are very effective at removing thin coatings and paints or for cleaning and lightly abrading concrete floor surfaces. 【Get Price】

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What Kind of Paint Can You Use on Composite Decking? If you are looking to add a paint finish over composite decking we recommend that you use a high-quality latex deck and floor paint with a semi-gloss or satin finish. In the case of staining a composite deck choose to use high-quality acrylic latex solid color deck stain best for composite … 【Get Price】

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It is easiest to remove paint from carpet before it dries using dry paper towels or old terry cloth rags to blot—not rub—the spill. A bit of glycerin on the towels may help loosen the paint ...【Get Price】