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Hollywood Stars for Bernie Sanders (List) - TheWrap

2/24/2016 Voting With the Stars: Sanders supporters include Rosario Dawson and Neil Young. Itay Hod | February 24 2016 @ 3:10 PM. Though he doesn’t have as many celebrity supporters as Hillary Clinton ...【Get Price】

Cost of Bernie Sanders' Programs Estimated in the ...

9/15/2015 That includes an estimated $15 trillion in healthcare costs $1.2 trillion in social security and $319 billion in paid leave funds. Sanders self-identifies as a Democratic-Socialist and heavy ...【Get Price】

List of Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign ...

Jane O'Meara Sanders former President of Burlington College (wife of Bernie Sanders) Juliet Schor sociologist and economist [127] Joel Selvin music critic [182]Affiliation: Democratic Party (previously served as an …【Get Price】

The Economic Ignorance of Bernie Sanders –

8/9/2018 Bernie looked VERY sheepish and at first claimed he didn’t have the numbers handy. Then he finally admitted that it would cost every family $5000-$8000 per year to cover everyone. 【Get Price】

Porn stars love Bernie Sanders while Joe Biden gets Cher

2/28/2020 Porn stars love Bernie Sanders ... With regard to Trump the president continues to enjoy the love of long-time celebrity supporters like actors James Woods Jon Voight and Roseanne Barr.【Get Price】

Robert Reich: Bernie's Plans Are Ambitious. But Their ...

2/25/2020 In last Wednesday night's Democratic debate former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg charged that Senator Bernie Sanders' policy proposals would cost $50 trillion. Holy Indiana. 【Get Price】

Bernie Supporters: Bolshevik Revolution “Lit ... - Tom Woods

11/11/2017 Some deluded folks try to pretend Joseph Stalin hijacked what had originally been a noble cause. This is what my professor of Russian history Vladimir Brokvin called the “Good Lenin Bad Stalin myth.”. But Lenin had already laid the foundations for totalitarianism. A one …【Get Price】

40 Bernie Sanders Supporters Share What His 2020 Campaign ...

4/10/2020 Bernie wanted to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. He told people like me that our hopes for a better future were not only possible but necessary. My hope now is that his supporters will ... Lucy Diavolo【Get Price】

Bernie and the high cost of ‘free’ health care

1/31/2016 Given that Medicare is running some $40 trillion in the red that might not be the best model but Bernie’s undeterred. In fact Sanders’ plan would actually cover more services than Medicare ... 【Get Price】

Did Bernie Sanders Cost Hillary Clinton the Presidency ...

Sanders-Trump VotersSanders-Third Party VotersSanders-NonvotersSanders Effect on His Own VotersSanders Effect on All VotersConclusionFootnotesThe phenomenon of Sanders-Trump voters is perhaps the easiest to dismiss out of hand as costing Clinton the election. Much of the phenomenon is attributable to the function of party registration. Registration with a political party is a lagging indicator. For example West Virginia was Trump’s second-best state in terms of vote percentage and percentage margin (after Wyoming). However registered Democrats still outnumber registered Republicans in the Mountain State. That’s because so many West …【Get Price】