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27/06/2021 If it’s you that wants to construct a fence or wall over the boundary line you need to serve a notice to your neighbor ahead of the works. You need to tell him in …【Get Price】

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22/01/2020 A boundary by acquiescence is usually represented by a fence a lane a ditch or some other monument which unspoken and implied is accepted as visible evidence of … Brandon Haubert【Get Price】

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Is there a legal requirement or general obligation to fence the boundaries of one’s land? A boundary is a line that divides two pieces of land. A boundary may … 【Get Price】

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26/05/2011 makes you wonder who erected the fence in the first place. a fully qualified or experienced fencer would be well aware of boundary lines and not encroach on …Hi If you can prove they have erected the fence on your land you can ask them to take it down giving them 30 days notice if they refuse you can...最佳答案 25hi there looking at the replies i'm shocked to see the advice in here first of all a fencing can move up to 4' without anyone know where is the o...29Yes you can make them take it downspeak to your solicitorthey are taking the mick.Nip it in the bud or before you know it you will have no garden...13yes you can make him take it down and re-position it on the boundary but it will take time and money as you may need to engage a solicitor regards...13Do you OWN the property or is it a COUNCIL house???? If you own the Property then it the plans will be in your Deeds. This will indicate where you...12Its your land his ugly fence is trespassing! Not a nice situation but its your right to either ask politely or take matters into your own hands and...9makes you wonder who erected the fence in the first place. a fully qualified or experienced fencer would be well aware of boundary lines and not en...9no one has mention this may not be your boundary you can sometimes go into these guns blazing and come out worse off a family member had an exten...8if ownership of the fence and boundry are yours then the posts have to be on his side as the face of the fence ie the good side the side without th...8【Get Price】

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the exact boundary between two properties. who owns the hedge wall tree or fence between 2 properties. This guide is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg). You can get …OverviewIf you live in England or Wales there’s usually no record of: the exact boundary between two properties who owns the hedge wall tree or fence be...Make a boundary agreement with your neighbourYou can usually avoid having to create a boundary agreement by having an informal discussion with your neighbour. Get help in solving disagreements...Apply to record the exact boundaryYou can apply to have the exact boundary between your property and your neighbour’s recorded. This is known as applying for a ‘determined boundary’...Correct a boundary mistake on a title planWrite to HM Land Registry (HMLR) if you think there’s a boundary mistake on a property’s title plan. You’ll need to: explain why you think there’s...【Get Price】

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Garden Fence Boundaries are often determined by examining the type of fence and its location and applying Common Law boundary presumptions fencing protocols … 【Get Price】

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27/02/2018 A boundary feature can be a fence wall hedge ditch piece of wire or sometimes even just the edge of a driveway. They can be the cause of heated debate and …【Get Price】

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Customers having new fencing installed often ask us exactly where they should position their new fence. Getting it right avoids (potentially costly) disputes over …【Get Price】


31/05/2019 A common occurrence in our area given the frequent lack of survey monuments is a neighbor’s inadvertent building over your property line whether it be a driveway a … 【Get Price】

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Neighbor Built Fence Over the Property Line. Does He Now Own That Land? The fact that your neighbors are not actively using the portion of your land behind their …【Get Price】