what fixings to use for fence post to breeze block

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Aug 29 2019 - Explore Andrea Acosta's board Modern Fences Gates Breeze-blocks followed by 163 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about breeze blocks fence design modern fence.171 【Get Price】

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Mar 31 2010 Concrete screws are designed to tap threads into base materials made of concrete brick or block. They work well in mortar joints as well as in the solid and hollow sections of a block for light duty loads. They are available in a wide array of lengths in both 3/16 and 1/4 diameters.【Get Price】

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Jan 26 2021 Chemi bolts should be fine I would get some threaded rod nuts and large washers rather than bolts. Drill to full depth of breeze block chemi in threaded rod in to full depth of breeze block. Let it set then tighten it up.I have a run of fencing with concrete posts/gravel boards going down one side of the garden. My garden is higher up than the neighbour on the other...I'm no expert but with them being hollow blocks would they not get better grip from using some substantial hollow wall anchors and bolts?Chemi bolts should be fine I would get some threaded rod nuts and large washers rather than bolts. Drill to full depth of breeze block chemi in...If its pulling out when its fitted properly and you keep re fixing you will finish up pullingwall over. Get a longer post dig out put new pole in g...Try some Ankerbolts really easy to use and they get a real hold if you put 3 - 4 of those in its going nowhere make sure you get the exact size...If you cannot get a post that is long enough why not get either a trip of flat bar or 4 pieces say six inch long drill straight through the wall i...I'd be tempted to get a longer post or use a knock in metpost (if possible) to get some gepth into the ground witht the pole protruding. Never been...Sill dangerer iit will pull wall over .I would put new longer post in keep everything seperate poss drop end panel 6 inchI meant if the post can be concreted so far into the ground as well as bolted to the wall I would imagine it would be ok.Thanks everybody for the replies. We're going to try the Chemical Bolts first and see how that holds up . Appreciate the suggestions!【Get Price】

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Sep 02 2011 I swear by double glazing frame fixings the type the pro's use... Basically a 4'' or 5'' Torx headed screw. Drill 6mm pilot hole the screw self taps into it using a drill with a torx headed bit.【Get Price】

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Sep 03 2019 Hi I have fitted a 6 foot x 3 foot panel fence to a 3 foot breeze block wall using a Socket with a baseplate which has four holes. I drilled 10mm holes and screwed them down using rawl plugs but the fence has started to move in the wind and some of the screws have worked them selves loose.Heavy duty fixing into breeze block | DIYnot ForumsSep 03 2019Replacing fence on top of garden wallJan 13 2017FIXING FOR BREEZE BLOCK | DIYnot ForumsOct 10 2010how to put a fence on top of a wall.Jul 23 2006 【Get Price】

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Oct 03 2013 Wether its thermalite or celcon you should have no problems with standard brown plugs and screws. Use a masonry bit the next size down to recommended dont use hammer as this will enlarge the hole. The plug needs to reach well into the block. For insulated boards use Readi-Drivers. Cotswold Builders Oct 3 2013.Plasterboard to Breeze Block | Screwfix Community ForumJan 26 2020Electric shower issue runs Luke warm at best.Oct 23 2018how to secure batons into (possibly) breeze block wall ...May 23 2018Fixing into Plasterboard or wall behind. | Screwfix ...Nov 27 2017 【Get Price】

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Jul 02 2014 When u say breeze block do u mean Thermalite or concrete block? If Thermalite use some form of large rawplugs and screw. Permaps cut in a 18mm ply spacer and then plaster board over it and then screw brackets through plaster and plaster board into ply. If concrete resin some 10mm stud in and use a stainless 10mm nut finished off with a dome nutUser Interaction Count: 11【Get Price】

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For Airtec blocks non-expandable fixings designed especially for aerated concrete blocks must be used. Medium-Duty Fixings Plastic plug and screws are perfectly acceptable for most medium-duty applications such as fixing kitchen units frame fixing and external fixings.【Get Price】

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Heavy Duty Fixings (78 products) When securing heavy loads you will need to make sure the fixing is suitable for the job. This range is suitable for a variety of materials including concrete blocks brickwork and stone. Whether you are putting up cabinets frames brackets or other heavy items on your internal or external walls. ...【Get Price】

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May 08 2019 Hi I have an existing patio with balustrade round the perimeter attached to 900 mm square wooden posts.which appear bolted to breeze block base The post is to be attached to a breeze block wall to extend the balustrade The bolts have M12 written on them but I'm unsure if the M12 fixing used goes into a masonry plug or are concrete bolts which don't require a plug.【Get Price】