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Lay the decking on the grass in your decided design and leave the right expansion gaps between boards (5 to 8 mm along the length of timber boards and 3 mm along the ends). This will show you if you have enough decking to complete the job. How to lay decking on uneven ground: 2 Simple methodswww.acorn-gardening.co.ukLaying decking on soil: 4 easy stepswww.acorn-gardening.co.ukHow To Lay Decking On Grass: A Step-By-Step Guide ...www.stewart-timber.co.ukWhat should you consider when laying decking on grass ...www.checkatrade.comCan Composite Decking Be in Contact With the Ground? | Hunkerwww.hunker.com【Get Price】

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19/10/2017 Next we sprayed the grass with weed-killer unrolled weed-blocking landscape fabric over the expanse of the deck and spread all-purpose gravel over that. This is to minimize any grass that may grow under the deck. We used these double post cap brackets to secure the beams to the 4x4s. We doubled up 2×6 boards for the beams. Because the yard ...【Get Price】

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Freestanding decks provide architectural appeal to large open yards. Instructions on building a floating deck are relatively simple. With a few free weekends the help of a friend or two and the right tools hardware and lumber you’ll be able to create your own custom backyard structure.269 【Get Price】

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This causes the grass to be thrown to the rear wheels and causes a rough or irregular cut. Deck Wheel Adjustment. The deck wheels on all lawn and garden tractors should be adjusted so that they will be 1/2 to 1 off the ground at all times. All cutting decks are floating so that they can cut evenly over the ground.【Get Price】