reinforcing floor for a 150g fish tank

Do I need to reinforce the floor for my aquariums?

Jul 29 2012 Re: Do I need to reinforce the floor for my aquariums? by Hyphnx Sun Jul 29 2012 3:46 am. Yes! Finally! I can give you some insight. The 120 will put more weight …【Get Price】

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Feb 06 2007 Well let's see 150g of water weighs 1251 lbs. (1g=8.34 lbs. X 150) Uh unless there's a reason you think your floor isn't OK as is I think you'll be OK. I wouldn't …Best Way To Vacuum Tank In Bottom Of Double StandDec 09 2017Changing Substrate on an Existing AquariumDec 20 2006Laminate flooring and heavy aquariums...Nov 20 2005Making my tank Earthquake ProofJun 22 2005 【Get Price】

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Dec 18 2013 I'm searching to upgrade my 125 fish tank for a 180 gallon fish tank. I know 125 is about the limit for a foundation house. I would like advice on how to brace the …New 180 gallon tank filtrationAug 19 2017New 180 gallon stockingJul 14 2017180 low light planted Discus TankAug 17 2011How to waterproof a plywood aquarium | MonsterFishKeepers.comSep 12 2010 【Get Price】

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Is reinforcement to floor needed for a 135-150 Gal Tank?

Apr 20 2009 doubling up floor joists (glued screwed) locally or full span solid cross-bracing a supporting wall jack post(s) and; combinations of the above. Let's call a …【Get Price】

Will my floor hold a 150 gallon tank? - Aquarium Advice - …

2015. 9. 2. A 150g is likely to weigh about 1600 pounds when complete give or take. It isn't that much more per square foot that a 75 however i personally wouldn't recommend it. Also you have to factor in how far apart each beam underneath the tank is how old they are if there is any water damage etc.【Get Price】

Will my fish tank fall through the floor?

Can Floors Support Big Fish Tanks?Calculating Weight of Custom-Shaped AquariumsFinal ThoughtsFrequently Asked QuestionsFloor support depends on several factors including the floor layout and aquarium size. You don’t need to worry about floor safety unless you have a monster-sized fish tank holding 150 gallons. You can easily place fish tanks with less than 60 gallons of water anywhere in your home. If you have a strong structural foundation and no framing defects you can also place up to a 125-gallon tank with no problems! Avoid placing anything lar…【Get Price】

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Wont fit 150g+ tanks with rims. This will not fit any tank with a rim larger than 1 that means its a no go for tanks 150g+. This is not stated anywhere in the product description manual or product info documentation. I found this info on the support page on the manufacturer web【Get Price】

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Apr 01 2011 Ive had to reinforce floors for both aquariums and their next heaviest cousin the gun safe. We used cinder blocks to reinforce the floor supports aka joists … 【Get Price】

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Feb 16 2013 the aquarium will most likely end up weighing somewhere around 1500-1600 pounds when full and will be over a 6'x1.5' area on the floor. My tentative plan is to double …【Get Price】

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Apr 20 2018 I recently bought a 125 gallon aquarium and want to know if my floor can support it. The ceiling below the aquarium runs 2x12 16 feet long at 16 inches apart …New Red Sea 525XL on Second Floor | REEF2REEF Saltwater ...Aug 21 2020Floor failures - REEF2REEF Saltwater and Reef Aquarium ForumMar 19 2019Do I Need Floor Supporting?!? | Page 5 | REEF2REEF ...Jan 20 2018Setting up tank on a hardwood floor. I need advice ...Dec 13 2017 【Get Price】

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May 23 2017 Fish Tank Weight and Reinforcing the Floor? I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm new to the hobby and the forum so here goes. I have a 75 …【Get Price】


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How Large an Aquarium can my floor support

Feb 08 2021 The aquarium is oriented perpendicular to the joists and my floor framing is wood joists spanning 12 ft. So this 6 ft by 12 ft portion of the floor was designed to …【Get Price】