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Feb 28 2012 Retrofits for plumbing or mechanical changes later can be difficult and costly.Wood framed floors with a crawlspace (or basement) below have the advantage of access to space that can be utilized for running utilities (plumbing electrical and ducts) and for storage.【Get Price】

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A wood or concrete structural floor alleviates the worry of slab movement due to expansive/collapsible soils beneath floor slabs. Isolation of the floor system allows it to function without being influenced by the soil strata below. We can provide floor systems constructed of wood or steel support with a concrete or wood floor surface. Utilizing steel structural supports and a concrete floor option coupled with …【Get Price】

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Apr 19 2007 A structural wood on steel beam floor is engineered for a lot with expansive soil potential. There are a few builders who build concrete on a steel pan basement floor. In general concrete is poured when there is no chance of movement. Control joints minimize cracking to a certain extent.【Get Price】

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Aug 04 2021 Structural support beam in basement question. mbean (Mark Bean) August 3 2021 4:21pm #1. So I am a relatively new inspector and structural is my area of least experience. I have a home with a structural wood beam in the basement which is being supported by the foundation wall on both ends and by two steel jacks intermediately spaced between ...【Get Price】

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Typically in basements these posts will be structural steel concrete or built up wood posts made from pieces of standard dimensional lumber (2 bys ) all nailed together side by side. Structural steel is commonly used in basements since they are height adjustable to accommodate any movement in soil or building settling after installation.【Get Price】

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Structural/Floor Wood Repair. American Basement Solutions and The Crawlspace Company™ are without a doubt the leading Midwest company with regards to Basement Floor or Crawlspace Floor Wood Repairs. We here at American Basement Solutions and our sister Division of The Crawlspace Company™ have 3 decades of leveling and repairing unlevel sagging floors.【Get Price】

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Nov 14 2017 Unfortunately a wood floor requires at least 18″ of clearance between the lowest part of the wood floor and the soil. The condition of the crawlspace below the wood floor is critical since mold can easily become a problem. In addition many floors became wavy over time as the basement walls … 【Get Price】

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Dec 08 2012 Structural wood floors replaces the traditional concrete-slab basement floor with a heated crawl space underneath. The benefit of this type of …【Get Price】

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Wood structural components in small residential buildings are often directly observable only in attics crawl spaces or basements. Elsewhere they are concealed by floor wall and ceiling materials. Common signs of wood structural problems are sloping or springy floors wall and ceiling cracks wall bulges and sticking doors and windows although many such problems may be attributable to differential settlement of the foundation or problems with exterior masonry bearing walls.【Get Price】

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Aug 17 2008 Most homes with structural wood floors are built on deep concrete piers commonly called piles which support the concrete foundation interior beams and structural floor. …【Get Price】