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Economic Obsolescence: A DefinitionCalculating The Level of Economic ObsolescenceNeed to Gain A Clearer Understanding of The Value of All Your Business Assets?In the simplest terms economic obsolescence represents a loss of value due to factors external to the asset or business. For this reason the term external obsolescenceis used interchangeably with economic obsolescence. A wide range of external factors can significantly affect the value of a business or its individual or collective assets: 1. Industry economics 2. Regulatory/legislative changes 3. Loss or scarcity of resources 4. Increased costs of production inputs or inability to pass on increased c…【Get Price】

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2020/04/22 Economic obsolescence results in a decline in the value of a property where the causal factors are not within the control of the property owners. It is sometimes … 【Get Price】

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Economic obsolescence (sometimes called “external obsolescence”) is a form of depreciation where the loss in value of a property is caused by factors external to … 【Get Price】

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Economic obsolescence or external obsolescence is a term used to describe the value of a property during an appraisal. When a building or property experiences …【Get Price】

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2021/01/10 The third form of depreciation is economic obsolescence. By definition economic obsolescence refers to the reduction or loss of value due to external factors or …【Get Price】